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You're perfect
Throwback to Summer 2013 ❤💛💚💙💜 (at Hamilton, New Zealand)
I have a hot best friend ❤💛💚💙💜 (at The Base Shopping Centre, Hamilton)
2012 throwback, high school graduation 💜
I have a problem with taking selfies and I don&#8217;t even care 😜
All set for a good night&#160;! :D x
Shopping spree at the base&#160;! Dads shout ;) ❤ (at The Base Shopping Centre, Hamilton)
Love this slut &lt;3 (at Hamilton, New Zealand)
Love this girl to pieces&#160;! One of the only friendships that has managed to stay together through all the bullshit, through everything. I could not have asked for a better girl to have spent my camp and church days with. The amount of times I have cried with laughter because of this beautiful soul is uncountable. All the memories I have with her are nothing short of amazing and I honestly don&#8217;t know where I would be without her. All the shit we used to do, all the trouble we caused&#160;! The amount of times we got told off, all totally worth it&#160;! I miss seeing you and spending time with you. I miss Rolo, church and youth with you. I miss running round in the dark playing slender with you. Couch tipping with Sophie at youth and all the junk food we used to buy before youth&#160;! All the times I almost threw up from too much junk food then our crazy church dancing. Roaming around Inglewood jamming Rolo songs, actions and all without a care in the world&#160;! Holy shit I love you. And I miss it all. I&#8217;d be completely lost without you. I&#8217;m so grateful that I have you in my life, you are absolutely beautiful. Mailbox ;) Hahahaha, I&#8217;ll never be able to thank you enough for everything you&#8217;ve done for me. You are truly an incredible girl, you will always be my sister. Love you a million Kim&#160;! x
Old photo&#160;! Throwback to the start of this year ❤
So much hair&#160;! :o
Walked from New Plymouth to Bell Block today with Lisa. 8km in an hour and a half. Pretty decent effort if you ask me&#160;! Need to do it more often ;)
Nothing like a good countdown to get the excitement going&#160;! The anticipation is killing me&#160;! ❤
Love this little muppet&#160;! ❤
Starbucks cunt&#160;! White chocolate mocha ❤ x
Never too early to start counting down right&#160;? 😜